Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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Friday, March 30, 2007

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

These pictures were taken during the celebration of my 20th birthday(4th October 2006). I'm sooooo fortunate to have to many lovely friends from Estate Management and people who i've met in 12th College. Post any comments. Or anyone you would like to get to know him or her in the pictures just let me know okay?
My banana birthday cake!
Alamak, my image gone liao.
Happy 20th Birthday to me~
This is my roommate->Kathleen Yeoh. Thanks for the Blue Berry Cheese Cake~
Beauties & the Beast ( notorious CCC)
Me & Jane with beautiful lanterns above us.
Exotic Asian Beauties. ;-)
Frm Left: Bee Chen, Nithi, me & Hooi See

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I have a friend...I suppose you don't know him. His name is Wayne. I'm horrified by how frequent he smokes.

Yee Won: How long have you been smoking?
Wayne: Since i was in Standard 6.
Yee Won: Whoa, that's a whole 9 years you've been smoking.
Wayne: It can't be helped, i just find it hard to quit smoking.

He's smoking everwhere. Crossing the road, waiting outside the shops, after he has his meals, I just couldn't take it. He's such a heavy smoker, since i've been to KL,i told myself i shouldn't judge a person's attitude even if he's a smoker. My friends around me should know i detest smokers a lot. i was thinking maybe he picked up this bad habit from someone close(family, Life is unfair, we can't choose good or bad families to live in) or they don't have anything better to do by lighting up cigarettes and puffing them as if they look so cool.

I tried walking beside him, but the wind direction was blowing from sideways, that meant that the '2nd Hand Smoke' was drifting towards me! Man, gotta walk behind him... I've inhaled a fair amount of smoke originated from Sumatra, i think i'd really should be taking care of my respiratory system since he doesn't.*Disgusted*

I know i'm in no position to yell QUIT SMOKING at them. It's their life, if they don't want their lungs it's ok. Who's stupid enough to burn away their money by lighting cigarettes? Burn to their ancestors la, at least you'll be regarded as 'filial'...Staining their teeth,and one or two of yr teeth will be more 'yellower' than other coz that's the teeth that holds the cigarette in place. Yikes~, kissing must be really horrendous with over 400 chemicals(from cigarette) in his saliva + your saliva.

I'm going to study Nursing. i think it's natural for me to be more concerned in health care, to make more people be aware how harmful it is to smoke. If you smoke for fun out of curiousity i won't blame you, because you had also asked yr mum, 'Mum,where do babies come from?'

Here's an Anti-Smoking Ad i found in YOUTUBE. A dying patient with his voicebox removed and lung cancer is still very OPTIMISTIC in life. I wonder if i'm a nurse in 3 years, would i choose to tell the truth or the 'beautiful lie'to a patient ?

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Hello, i haven't updated my blog for the longest time. It feels like i've deserted it,and i have no loyal readers to my blog. But once i get it correctly set up, i'm going to promote it my friends that seldom stay in contact with me. Anyway, who smses a distant friend regularly or view their friends hard-copy photographs?The 'in' thing now is to post it in friendster and i'm very sure that your friends in FRIENDSTER will definitely get a chance to view the latest news and photos you've updated. Nearly everyone goes online and logs in Friendster or other peoples blog to see what they are up to.I guess this is the way my friends will know what i am doing once i'm in Tasmania studying.

I've visited the Cari Chinese Forum. They(students studying in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane...) said the night life there was boring like hell. I suppose this is what they mean by 'condusive studying environment'.But they said Tassie (Tasmania) is a beautiful place without pollution and i'm really looking forward to see it with my eyes,because " bai3 wen2 bu4 ru2 yi2 jian4". i'm not writing it in Chinese because this blog skins doesn't support Chinese Characters. I shall find one that has this feature.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I found this video quite interesting. It's a condom advertisement which i found it at youtube.com, i don't know how i stumbled upon it... It's really unbelievable they had this idea, i'm really impressed by their creativity.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

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What a boring day~ I don't have classes on Friday. I'm in the computer lab of faculty of built environment. I've just finshed printing out my 'accounting and finacial management' assignment.Going to midvalley later. sounds so lame, becz if i dun go out, i'll get crazy by continuing to stay in the um campus. i wanted to buy newspaper from the convenient store, but the storekeeper told me they don't sell newspapers...sien ar~can't even own one decent copy of newspaper. i don't know what's happening outside, only through the internet. But these computers don't have chinese language. i prefer reading chinese newspapers. at home, i used to take them for granted... Sigh~boring life in UM

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hey guys, how have u been? There’s somethng important here that I have to update about my personal life. I’m not proud of it, but I’ve just broken up with Woon Han a few days ago. I don’t know how I got by for these past few days, but I’m doing fine. Nothing to worry about. It seems ironic because we just had our 2-year anniversary of our relationship. That's abt it. I don't feel like commenting anything about the break-up, just think it's better for us to lead our own paths, from a long-term point of view.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Actually, I've been spending a lot of time uploading Redang Island photos so that i can come out with a nice slideshow. So, give any comments about the picture posted! Apologies if some pictures offended any party.It's just for pure entertainment! Chill...

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12th College Facilities
The Garden between Block c & d

KK12 lake which we soaked in. It has magnificient lights at night!

TV corner, it's packed with people, especially between 7pm-8pm.

Court where basketball and futsal are played.

Typical room for 2.

The picture taken facing the balcony where we can hang our clothes.

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I've just created a slideshow of our Pulau Redang trip. Enjoy!

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Yo guys, haven't updated my blog for a long time!! I'm now in the cybercafe of Kolej Kediaman 12, the best college in University Malaya. I feel really relieved after the orientation week,because during thta week, there wasnt enough time to eat and rest.And on the last day of the orientation in the Kembara Malam, we actually had to soak ourselves in the stinky, muddy lake just between the blocks of KK 12! We were instructed to wear fully-covered shoes (no slippers allowed), and mud was entering our shoes thoroughly. I don't even feel like wearing back the shoe again.There's still so much sand inside even though i've washed it so many times. But there was a fun part of it, at least on the KK 12 residents got the 'lucky chance' to enter the lake, it's been the tradition for freshies to enter the lake before they can officially call themsleves '12th College residents' ~ The PMs (Pembantu Mahasiswa/wi) were very helpful along the way, though i never bothered to ask for their assistance anyway. There's a PM called Adam who is a 杜德伟look-alike. But i find PM Yong Tat荣达 being the most helpful and sporting one!Most importantly,the good-looking one! There was 1 part where we walked around the campus in themiddle of the night and went to 'sub' other colleges( shouting slogans like 12th, 12th, 12th, Yo, Yo,Yo,Kolej Lain, Poyo Poyo Poyo!). Most of the time i think we were 'shiok sendiri', because they didn't respond to our 'sub'. Imagine walking from12th college ,passing by 5th college,Academic of Islamic Studies and in the map you'll see there's suddenly no buildings along the road. It's because it's Bukit Aman (also known as Bukit Cinta). Our PM told us if u parked your car beside the road on Bukit Cinta, you'll be halau by the Keselamatan Polis of UM, you should know the reason behind this better than me, haha! .Then we walked down the hill and went to 'sub' at 8th College, 3rd College and lastly 2nd College.

It looks like a short distance to walk a circle in the campus of UM, but actually it's very far! Eg: from 12th College to my faculty ( Faculty of Built Environment) takes about 15 minutes. I find myself leading a healthy lifestyle after living 2 weeks in UM, everyday 15 minutes of walk, i'm sure it's a good form of exercise because in JB we rely a lot on cars to go to our destination, even if it's a trip to a near by convenient store. If the time of our lectures are more than 3 hours apart, we'll go back to our college to rest and take our bathe, that means 1 hour of walking in a day alone... Thank God we don't have classes on Friday,or else we would have to wait til Friday to go back to our hometown.

Anyway,those are the higlights of my Orientation week,(sorry if it made you yawn_+_*). Hope you'll give me some comments, whether good or bad! Thanks a lot! ( Next episode - 12th College facilities and Estate Management)

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